Metalpress allows designers to combine the beauty and artistry of very thin, polished metal designs with a wide variety of substrates to create personal stationery, invitations, letterheads, and business cards, unlike anything previously available. Metalpress introduces the rich element of solid metal, creating texture, radiance, and dimension that cannot be achieved by existing printing or foil methods. The mirror-like metal surface embraces light and reflection as graphic elements, providing designers with a completely new creative tool. It gives clients a spectacular way to announce to their guests that their event will be one of a kind.  When used on personal stationery, business cards and letterheads it conveys an immediate sense of style and attention to detail.

The Metalpress designs you see in our Gallery are solid metal -- .1 mm thick (about the thickness of 4 pieces of printer paper). Metalpress can be used in a wide variety of applications:  Bespoke invitations and accompanying Wedding and B'nai Mitzvot collateral, personal stationery, business and calling cards,  corporate letterheads, private event invitations, corporate event branding...the list goes on.

Metalpress can be applied to most papers, metal, wood, plastic, lacquer, Lucite®, glass, and stone. It can be used throughout a design, or blended with a variety of printing techniques to embellish and highlight insignias, logos, or other important design details.